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Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies

    Great Stories. Great Stars. Great Movies.
    Quality motion pictures that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.


     All Movies listed below are available in VHS Video format only.

    The Sarah Plain & Tall Collection - Set of 3 VHS Videos #HFV1199
    The Sarah Plain & Tall Collection - Set of 3 VHS Videos

    This set of three Hallmark Hall of Fame films inspired by the book Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan is a treasure for every family. Join Sarah as she leads her new family through the trials of mother nature and helps them heal the scars of the past. This turn-of-the-century saga will enrich your family's lives for years to come.

    Includes the films Sarah, Plain and Tall (1st in Collection), Skylark (5th In Collection), and Winter's End (34th In Collection).

    Sarah, Plain and Tall (1st In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1355
    Sarah, Plain and Tall (1st In Collection) - VHS Video

    The first of the Sarah trilogy, and one of the most celebrated Hallmark Hall of Fame films, Sarah, Plain and Tall is a timeless classic every family will enjoy! Answering an advertisement for a "mail-order bride," Sarah Wheaton travels from Maine to the prairies of Kansas in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of a widower and his two motherless children. Sarah takes to the duties of caring for the Witting family with steadfast devotion and earnest compassion. But, can she teach the children and their father, Jacob, that life and love do go on?

    Stars: Glenn Close and Christopher Walken

    O Pioneers! (2nd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1356
    O Pioneers! (2nd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Academy Award®-winning actress Jessica Lange heads an extraordinary cast in this breathtaking adaptation of Willa Cather's epic saga of settlers carving a home and their dreams from the wilderness. Alexandra Bergson is a young woman when she inherits the family farm and struggles to establish a home and future on the prairie. Because of her responsibilities, she must give up her chance for love, though she never forgets the young man who won her affection. When he returns after 15 years, their love is rekindled, along with a long-buried dream in Alexandra's heart. Hallmark Hall of Fame presents this timeless masterpiece of life and love, tragedy and triumph.

    Stars: Jessica Lange, David Strathairn, Reed Diamond, Anne Heche and Heather Graham

    The Secret Garden (3rd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1357
    The Secret Garden (3rd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Frances Hodgsen Burnett's timeless classic is lovingly recreated in this enchanting masterpiece of mystery, magic and love for the entire family. Mary Lennox is a spoiled girl living in India when her parents die and she is sent to live with a family friend in England. She finds the giant castle a lonely place until she discovers a secret garden locked up after a tragic accident. Mary enlists the help of a kind boy and the manor's invalid heir to restore the neglected garden. As the garden is coaxed to life, their hearts also are transformed so the miracle of love can bloom again.

    Stars: Gennie James, Barret Oliver, Jadrien Stelle, Michael Hordern, Billie Whitelaw and Derek Jacobi

    Foxfire (4th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1358
    Foxfire (4th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Jessica Tandy radiates dignity in her Emmy® Award-winning performance as the proud mountain woman caught between the traditions of the past and the pressures of modern life. Annie Nations has spent her life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, most of it with her husband. He died five years ago, but he often slips into her thoughts. When her son pressures her to sell the farm, Annie Nations struggles with the decision, knowing her husband wouldn't sell. But in the autumn of her life, Annie Nations will decide for herself whether to hold onto what she's known or whether to follow her heart.

    Stars: Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn and John Denver

    Skylark: The Sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall (5th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1359
    Skylark: The Sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall (5th In Collection) - VHS Video

    In this best-selling Hallmark Hall of Fame film, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken return to their roles as Sarah and Jacob Witting. It is 1912, two years after Sarah joined Jacob Witting and his two children as a mail-order bride. When drought and fire threaten their Kansas home, and a separation tests the family's strength, the Wittings learn that home is not four walls or a stretch of land, but a place in the heart.

    Stars: Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Lexi Randall, Christopher Bell, Margaret Sophie Stein, and Jon de Vries.

    Caroline? (6th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1360
    Caroline? (6th In Collection) - VHS Video

    15 years ago, a girl name Caroline died in a plane crash. Or did she? Best Drama and Best Director Emmy Awards went to this riveting mystery about a wealthy family whose quiet world is torn apart when a missing daughter suddenly reappears.

    Stars: Stephanie Zimbalist, Pamela Reed, and George Grizzard

    Decoration Day (7th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1361
    Decoration Day (7th in Collection) - VHS Video

    A debt of honor becomes a badge to freedom in this life-affirming winner of two Golden Globe Awards -- Best Drama and Best Actor for James Garner. Judge Albert Sidney has retired from the bench and pretty much from life when he is asked to help a boyhood friend, Gee Penniwell. Gee has refused the government's belated attempt to award him the Medal of Honor. Delving deeper, the judge is confronted with his friend's bitterness about WWII and the silent war he and Gee, a black man, have maintained for 30 years. As the two men confront their pasts and their prejudices, they learn the meaning of courage, friendship and forgiveness.

    One Against the Wind (8th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1362
    One Against the Wind (8th In Collection) - VHS Video

    A British-born aristocrat in Nazi-occupied France fights for the love of her country and freedom in this extraordinary true story that captured Golden Globe awards for Best Drama and Best Actress for Judy Davis. When Mary Lindell rescues an injured British officer from a German patrol in Paris, she risks her life to smuggle him across enemy lines. When she returns home, two more Allied pilots appear at her door...and a freedom fighter is born. As Mary's underground railroad grows, so does the danger. Gestapo forces are closing in. Can Mary escape to freedom or will the Allies lose a courageous heroine?

    Stars: Judy Davis and Sam Neill

    Miss Rose White (9th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1363
    Miss Rose White (9th in Collection) - VHS Video

    This unforgettable film, which won an Emmy for Best Movie, is a glowing tribute to love, forgiveness and family ties. Rose White and her father fled Poland before Hitler invaded, but her mother and sister were less fortunate. Fifteen years later, Rose has left her past behind and begun a new life. Then her sister, a concentration camp survivor, comes to America. With her sister's arrival comes painful memories and a shocking revelation that will challenge everything Rose believes. Now Rose must face the past in order to find peace for the future. Stars: Kyra Sedgwick, Maximilian Schell, Amanda Plummer and Maureen Stapleton

    An American Story (10th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1364
    An American Story (10th in Collection) - VHS Video

    A true story about a town fighting for its beliefs and changing the course of its future. World War II is finally over, but for six soldiers returning to their hometown, the fight has just begun. Behind the bright facade of the homecoming parade lies the harsher reality of the American dream gone awry...a corrupt mayor, an intimidating sheriff and a town too afraid to fight back. With county elections coming up, the returning soldiers form their own political party to challenge the unscrupulous powers destroying their town. Stars: Brad Johnson, Kathleen Quinlan and Tom Sizemore

    To Dance With The White Dog (11th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1365
    To Dance With The White Dog (11th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Academy Award®-winner Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy) and real-life husband Hume Cronyn star in this uplifting celebration of marriage that would last a lifetime and love that would live an eternity. After 50 years of marriage, Mr. Sam loses his beloved wife, Cora, and no amount of fussing by his overprotective kids is going to ease Sam's loneliness or his own failing health. Then one day, a white dog comes out of nowhere to change Sam's life and heart...filling his empty hours, reviving his faded dreams and showing Sam the power of everlasting love.

    Stars: Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Esther Rolle, Christine Baranski, and Frank Whaley

    The Shell Seekers (12th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1366
    The Shell Seekers (12th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Tony Award-winning star Angela Lansbury (Sweeney Todd) gives a touching performance as a woman who gets a second chance at life in this remarkable adaptation of Rosamunde Pilcher's best-selling novel. After a heart attack at 63, Penelope Keeling is not ready to be an invalid...despite her children's attempt to control her life. Now they want her to sell her most prized possession. Torn between her children's demands and her desire to hold onto cherished mementos, Penelope must learn what is important to her. She returns to the seashore, the only place she ever felt free, in an unforgettable odyssey that will take her back to her home, her heart and another chance for happiness.

    Blind Spot (13th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1367
    Blind Spot (13th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Oscar®-winning actress Joanne Woodward (The Three Faces of Eve) heads a sterling cast in a powerful, realistic portrayal that every family should see and no parent will forget. Congresswoman Nell Harrington's seemingly perfect life collapses when her son-in-law dies in an accident. Her grief is compounded by the discovery that he was using cocaine...and so is her daughter. As their lives unravel, Nell scrambles to save her daughter and grandchild -- and her career -- but her domineering attitude is pushing her family apart. Now, mother and daughter must face the consequences of their choices.

    Stars: Joanne Woodward, Laura Linney, Reed Diamond and Fritz Weaver

    Breathing Lessons (14th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1368
    Breathing Lessons (14th In Collection) - VHS Video

    When one of America's most beloved actors, James Garner, and Academy Award®-winner Joanne Woodward (The Three Faces of Eve) hit the highway, a two-hour drive becomes a hilarious all-day adventure in this comedy from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Anne Tyler (The Accidental Tourist). As down-to-earth Ira and his wife, flighty Maggie Moran, bicker and banter down a backwoods road, they'll meet unconventional people, review 30 years of marital misadventures...and reaffirm their love. Their journey becomes a celebration of love, laughter and life's lessons. Stars: James Garner, Joanne Woodward, Kathryn Erbe, Joyce Van Patten, Eileen Heckart and Paul Winfield

    A Place For Annie (15th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1369
    A Place For Annie (15th in Collection) - VHS Video

    An emotionally charged tale of three remarkable women and one special child who get an unforgettable lesson in courage, compassion and love. This superbly acted, highly acclaimed story is based on a true incident. Susan Lansing, a pediatric nurse, takes Annie, an abandoned terminally ill child, into her home. With the help of a loving nanny, Annie thrives in her new home until her birth mother comes to reclaim her. As each woman fights to give Annie a new home, they will discover the power of forgiveness, the love of family and the greatest miracle of all--each other.

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