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Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies

    Great Stories. Great Stars. Great Movies.
    Quality motion pictures that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.


     All Movies listed below are available in VHS Video format only.

    The Piano Lesson (16th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1370
    The Piano Lesson (16th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Powerhouse performances transform August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play into a cinematic masterpiece in this richly woven tapestry of a family divided by their heritage and their dreams. Boy Willie wants to buy a farm his ancestors once worked as slaves, but first he must sell the family's most valued possession -- a piano that holds a unique place in their history. His sister, Berniece, refuses to sell it because the heirloom symbolizes the family's very heart. Boy Willie sees it as the key to their future. The piano draws them into a struggle about whether to cling to traditions or trade them in for the chance of a better future.

    Stars: Charles S. Dutton, Alfre Woodard and Courtney B. Vance

    Return of the Native (17th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1371
    Return of the Native (17th In Collection) - VHS Video

    The breathtaking English countryside sets the stage for a spellbinding triangle of love, desire and destiny in Thomas Hardy's romantic classic. Catherine Zeta Jones (Zorro) stars as Eustacia Vye, a woman who hates her rural home and dreams of the day she can leave. In her hometown, she enchants every man she meets including Damon Wildeve, who had promised to marry another. When a well-to-do man, Clym Yeobright, returns home from Paris, she sends Damon back to his fiancee, and wins Clym's heart. Soon she is making wedding plans that she believes will take her away from her rural past, but unknown to her, Clym has decided to stay in the country. Experience the passion and the heartache in this epic masterpiece.

    Stars: Clive Owen, Catherine Zeta Jones and Ray Stevenson

    Redwood Curtain (18th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1372
    Redwood Curtain (18th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson created this eloquent drama about a young girl's search for the threads of truth that will untangle her past. Geri Riordan is an adopted daughter with a driving need to discover her true identity. She becomes obsessed with learning about her birth parents -- the Vietnamese mother and the American G.I. who gave her up when the war ended. Geri's search takes her to the redwood forest and the troubled Vietnam veterans who live there. She finds the one man who can solve the mystery of her past and set her free.

    Stars: Jeff Daniels, Lea Salonga and John Lithgow

    Journey (19th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1373
    Journey (19th In Collection) - VHS Video

    A heartwarming story starring Oscar® winners Jason Robards (All the President's Men) and Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot) about grandparents left to pick up the pieces of their broken family. When a young boy is deserted by his mother and left with his grandparents, all he knows is heartbreak and confusion. Then the boy's grandfather uses his love of photography to recapture the boy's past and help him understand that family is really just people who love you. Take a touching excursion through this lushly photographed, beautifully scored film. Stars: Jason Robards, Brenda Fricker and Meg Tilly

    The Boys Next Door (20th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1374
    The Boys Next Door (20th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Funny and touching film about five very special men with a lot to learn about life ... and a lot to teach about love. Starring Nathan Lane, Robert Sean Leonard, Tony Goldwyn, Michael Jeter, Courtney B. Vance and Mare Winningham. Includes the documentary The Making of The Boys Next Door. 109 minutes.

    Harvest of Fire (21st In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1375
    Harvest of Fire (21st In Collection) - VHS Video

    Share the excitement of a mystery solved and a friendship discovered in this compelling portrait of two very different women. FBI agent Sally Russell is sent to investigate an arson in a peaceful Amish community, but the residents won't help her, an outsider. Amish widow Annie Beiler, curious about the outside world, is willing to let Sally earn her trust. Can two women from different worlds overcome the barriers between them? If the arsonist is to be brought to justice, the answer must be "yes." But getting there takes understanding and courage.

    Stars: Lolita Davidovich and Patty Duke

    Calm at Sunset (22nd in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1376
    Calm at Sunset (22nd in Collection) - VHS Video

    A young man eager to make his way in the world finds adventure at sea and turmoil on the homefront in this compelling, sea-swept drama. Calm at Sunset tells the powerful story of a father and son at odds over the son's choice to become a fisherman like his father. The father has experienced the struggles of a fisherman's life and wants to protect his son. But each day the son spends working on a boat brings the excitement he longs for -- storms that defy his seamanship and a skipper who demands the best from him. The son brings an integrity and joy to his work that ultimately will mend family ties. Stars: Michael Moriarty, Peter Facinelli, Kevin Conway, Gretchen Moll and Kate Nelligan

    The Summer of Ben Tyler (23rd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1377
    The Summer of Ben Tyler (23rd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Emmy® Award-winner James Woods stars as a man caught in a powerful struggle between his conscience and his future. Temple Rayburn, a decent small-town lawyer, and his wife open their home to Ben, the son of their black housekeeper. Fearing Temple's decision will harm his future political career, the town's wealthiest and most powerful man tries to dissuade him. But Temple remains firm that Ben will stay. Then, the rich man's son is accused of murder and Temple is asked to defend him. Temple realizes his future hinges upon his decision. Strengthened by his family's love and faith in the truth, he discovers that to risk everything for what you believe requires the greatest courage.

    Stars: James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern

    Old Man (24th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1378
    Old Man (24th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Oscar®-winning writer Horton Foote (Tender Mercies, To Kill a Mockingbird) masterfully brings to the screen William Faulkner's compassionate story of goodness and the triumph of the human spirit. The Mississippi flood of 1927 sets the scene for this Hallmark Hall of Fame drama in which J.J. Taylor, a prisoner, is dispatched to rescue a pregnant woman clinging to a tree. J.J. vows to return her home. In the midst of their journey, she gives birth and J.J.'s tenderness toward the baby rekindles love in both their hearts.

    Stars: Jeanne Tripplehorn and Arliss Howard

    Rose Hill (25th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1379
    Rose Hill (25th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Julie Garwood's best-selling novel "For the Roses" inspired this rich tale of love, pain and forgiveness. The story begins with four street orphans whose lives suddenly change when they discover an abandoned baby. Though just children themselves, they adopt the baby, whom they name Mary Rose, and become an unlikely family. Then the clan migrates West to build a homestead. Years later, betrayal and heartbreak loosen the family bond and Mary sets out to find her birth parents in New York. Torn between two different lives, Mary must decide where her true home really lies.

    Stars: Jennifer Garner and Jeffrey Sams

    Ellen Foster (26th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1380
    Ellen Foster (26th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Inspiring, life-changing story of Ellen Hammond, a girl with a painful past who refuses to give up. After her mother's death leaves her homeless, she vows to find a loving family. Even when she is placed in an unkind aunt's home, Ellen doesn't abandon hope. One morning, she notices an unusual family at church that others call "the foster family." The bond the children share with their caring foster mother tugs at her heart. Ellen devises a plan to meet this family and in the process, she discovers that being loved by a family is more important than being related.

    Stars: Jena Malone and Julie Harris

    What the Deaf Man Heard (27th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1381
    What the Deaf Man Heard (27th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Variety Magazine calls this entertaining, insightful film "a pleasure...a joy...a delight." Sammy Ayers and his mother board a bus bound for Georgia and a better life. But the next day, his mother vanishes. Sammy responds by shutting himself off from the world, pretending not to hear or speak. The bus station manager and a waitress take in Sammy. For the next 20 years, he fools the townspeople and remains silent. Then he overhears a scheme that could hurt the people he loves. Join the fun as Sammy cleverly turns the table on an entire town!

    Stars: Matthew Modine, Claire Bloom, Judith Ivey, James Earl Jones and Bernadette Peters

    The Love Letter (28th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1382
    The Love Letter (28th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Transcending the dimension of time, a love letter found in an antique desk magically seals the fate of two young people linked by destiny, yet separated by more than 100 years. A young man discovers a letter written by a mysterious woman named Lizzie, who lived long ago, and feels compelled to write to her. Correspondence ensues and grows into a love so powerful not even the years can keep them apart. Spanning the Civil War to the present, the perils of Lizzie's war-torn situation threaten her safe passage into the future. Will their love endure the test of time?

    The Echo Of Thunder (29th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1383
    The Echo Of Thunder (29th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Based on Libby Hathorn's award-winning novel (Thunderwith) and directed by Emmy Award-winner Simon Wincer (Lonesome Dove), this rich film vividly captures the struggles and triumphs of a close-knit Australian family. Gladwyn and Larry Ritchie work hard to maintain their farm in the harsh Australian outback. Despite the hardships, they enjoy a happy life with their children until Larry's teenage daughter from his first marriage comes to live with them. Divided by secrets buried deep within, each of the family members discovers that truth -- and the courage to express it -- is the key that will unlock their hearts.

    Stars: Judy Davis and Jamey Sheridan

    Saint Maybe (30th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1384
    Saint Maybe (30th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Based on the bestseller by Anne Tyler (The Accidental Tourist), this film is rich in quirky characters and wry observations on life that Tyler's fans have come to expect in her moving stories. The Bedloes appear to be the perfect all-American family. Then, the oldest son, Danny, turns the family's peaceful world upside down when he announces his plans to marry Lucy, a divorced mother. Lucy charms the Bedloe clan except for Danny's brother, Ian, who doesn't trust her. When he voices his suspicions, he sets in motion an unsettling chain of events that transform their lives. Seeking to make amends, Ian embarks on a difficult journey that teaches him a valuable lesson about forgiveness.

    Stars: Blythe Danner, Edward Herrmann, Thomas McCarthy and Mary-Louise Parker

    Grace & Glorie (31st In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1385
    Grace & Glorie (31st In Collection) - VHS Video

    This life-changing drama about the unlikely friendship of two women facing change reaffirms that hope, joy and healing can spring from the ashes of loss. Grace, a spunky, independent woman, realizes she can no longer live alone. Glorie, a young woman in search of personal meaning, enters Grace's life. The touching and often humorous struggle that ensues as these different women try to understand each other develops into a deep friendship. It is through their struggle that each woman is able to make peace with the past and have hope for the future.

    Stars: Gena Rowlands and Diane Lane

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