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Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies

    Great Stories. Great Stars. Great Movies.
    Quality motion pictures that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.


     All Movies listed below are available in VHS Video format only.

    Night Ride Home (32nd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1386
    Night Ride Home (32nd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Tragedy, loss, hope and healing are intricately woven in this rich drama starring Rebecca De Mornay and Keith Carradine. Nora Mahler has found her dream life -- living on a ranch with her family. Her husband has never been enamored with country life but he follows his wife's wishes and their marriage is marked by an uneasy peace. Then tragedy strikes and Nora's heartbreak blinds her to the pain of others. When she threatens to sell the farm, her mother comes to help heal the wounds. Nurtured by love, they learn to face the future as a family again.

    Stars: Rebecca De Mornay, Keith Carradine, Thora Birch and Ellen Burstyn

    Durango (33rd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1387
    Durango (33rd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Filmed in the lush Irish countryside, this light-hearted tale is full of wit, romance and adventure. A struggling young farmer, Mark Doran, falls in love with the daughter of Fergus Mullaney, a feisty giant of a man. Fergus has threatened to destroy anyone who tries to court his daughter. Before confronting Fergus, Mark feels he must prove himself as a man. He organizes an unprecedented undertaking -- an Irish cattle drive to a nearby town to break the local cattle buyer's monopoly. Mark assembles a team and sets out on an incredible adventure. Along the way, he finds the inner strength to overcome tremendous obstacles.

    Stars: Brenda Fricker, Matt Keeslar and Patrick Bergin

    Sarah, Plain and Tall:  Winter's End (34th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1388
    Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End (34th In Collection) - VHS Video

    The third and final installment of the Sarah, Plain and Tall trilogy, Winter's End is a touching film that teaches us all the value of family. After 30 years, Jacob Witting's father, played by Jack Palance, returns to the Witting family home. Can Jacob forgive his father for abandoning him so many years ago? Once again, Sarah must guide the Wittings through a trial that only the love of family will enable them to endure.

    Stars: Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Jack Palance

    A Season For Miracles (35th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1389
    A Season For Miracles (35th In Collection) - VHS Video

    A heartwarming tale that is sure to become a holiday favorite. A Season for Miracles is the story of Emilie Dalton, a young woman who takes off with her jailed sister's children, not knowing where or how they will end up. Along the way, the trio finds refuge in a small town where "good things somehow just seem to happen to good people." With the help of the local townsfolk and a small miracle, Emilie and the children have a Christmas to remember.

    Stars:Carla Gugino, Kathy Baker, David Conrad, Laura Dern, Patty Duke and Lynn Redgrave.

    Missing Pieces (36th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1390
    Missing Pieces (36th in Collection) - VHS Video

    A suspense-filled movie about a father looking for answers after the mysterious death of his estranged son. Twelve years have passed since a family tragedy drove father and son apart. Police in the remote Mexican village where Scott died believe that he took his own life. But his father, Atticus Cody (played by Academy Award®-winner James Coburn), believes otherwise. He launches his own investigation and in his search for justice, discovers the path to forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Cupid & Cate (37th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1391
    Cupid & Cate (37th in Collection) - VHS Video

    A heart is awakened and a passion for life restored in this video filled with hope, love and the power of commitment. When sisters play 'Cupid' and introduce Cate De Angelo (Mary-Louise Parker) to Harry Dietrich (Peter Gallagher), lives suddenly change. Watch as the couple faces life's trials and challenges together in this celebration of the human spirit.

    The Lost Child (38th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1392
    The Lost Child (38th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Knowing the past changes the future. Seeking a connection to her heritage, Rebecca Hoffman sets out on a journey of discovery following the deaths of her adoptive parents. She finds that connection with her birth family in the Navajo community. But cultures clash when her husband is rejected as an outsider. Rebecca and her family experience rebirth in a rich culture and renewal as a family in this dramatic film based on the autobiography Looking for Lost Bird by Yvette Melanson (with Claire Safran).

    Stars: Mercedes Ruehl, Jamey Sheridan, Irene Bedard, Dinah Manoff, Tantoo Cardinal, Ned Romero, Louis Giambalvo, Julia McIlvaine, Michael Greyeyes, Cristine Rose

    The Runaway (39th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1393
    The Runaway (39th In Collection) - VHS Video

    The Runaway At the birth of two boys, one white and one black, a mysterious and powerful Conjure Woman (Maya Angelou) prophesies that they will "start the change." Growing up as best friends in rural Georgia in the 1940s, the boys make a discovery that leads the town's new sheriff, Frank Richards (Dean Cain), to reopen the investigation of the unsolved murders of three black men. While the town would prefer that the truth remain hidden, the sheriff pursues the case, determined to see justice prevail. The Runaway is a stirring story of how friendship, determination and conviction can generate racial change in one heart or an entire town.

    Stars: Dean Cain, Pat Hingle, Debbi Morgan. Special Guest Star: Maya Angelou

    The Flamingo Rising (40th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1394
    The Flamingo Rising (40th in Collection) - VHS Video

    When wild and impetuous Hubert T. Lee (Brian Benben) decides to build the world's largest drive-in movie theater across the street from a funeral parlor, it sparks a spirited clash between Lee and funeral parlor director Turner Knight, played by Academy Award winner William Hurt. Caught in the middle of the warring parties are Lee's wife, Edna (McGovern), and their two adopted children. Set in the 1960s, this Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation unveils a slice of Americana that leads two men on a journey of acceptance and compassion.

    Follow The Stars Home (41st in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1395
    Follow The Stars Home (41st in Collection) - VHS Video

    Sometimes we choose the wrong person to fall in love with. Dianne Parker (Kimberly Williams) marries the handsome, charismatic Mark McCune (Eric Close), never noticing the quiet attention of his brother, David (Campbell Scott), a soft-spoken pediatrician. When baby Julia arrives with genetic abnormalities, Mark is unable to cope and walks out on their "perfect" marriage, leaving Dianne to face the challenges of being a single mom. It's a challenge that becomes a journey of devotion and discovery--a challenge that will lead her to renewed strength, surprising friendships and a meaningful lesson in love.

    In Love and War (42nd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1396
    In Love and War (42nd In Collection) - VHS Video

    A miraculous true story of courage, determination and love in war-torn Italy. In Love and War chronicles the meeting of Eric Newby, a British soldier captured in World War II whose life is saved by Wanda Skof, a courageous Italian woman with whom he falls in love. The two overcome increasing risks as they find new ways to keep Eric safe from his Nazi pursuers, but eventually Eric is faced with an agonizing choice. Fate brought them together, but now one decision could separate them forever...

    This Hallmark Hall of Fame special is based on Eric Newby's autobiography, Love and War in the Apennines.

    Stars: Callum Blue, Barbora Bobulova

    The Seventh Stream (43rd In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1397
    The Seventh Stream (43rd In Collection) - VHS Video

    Owen Quinn (Scott Glenn) loved his quiet but challenging life as an Irish fisherman. Since his wife died, however, Quinn's world has been empty. But when he encounters Mairead (Saffron Burrows), a beautiful woman in distress, wonderful things start happening. Quinn – and his whole sleepy village – seem magically reborn. Quinn finds himself falling in love – but this mysterious woman raises suspicions among his friends and neighbors. Where did she come from? Will she vanish as quickly as she appeared? Quinn has stumbled into a mystery straight out of Irish folklore.

    Stars: Scott Glenn, Saffron Burrows

    My Sister's Keeper (44th in Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1398
    My Sister's Keeper (44th in Collection) - VHS Video

    Two sisters embark on a journey of discovery and reconciliation in this poignant real-life story based on the memoirs of Margaret Moorman. Christine (Kathy Bates) has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and must rely on others for support but longs for independence and an ordinary life. Her sister Judy (Elizabeth Perkins), a career-oriented New York art director, becomes responsible for her care when their mother (Lynn Redgrave) dies. The two are left to face the struggles of finding common ground.

    Stars: Kathy Bates, Elizabeth Perkins, Lynn Redgrave

    Little John (45th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1399
    Little John (45th In Collection) - VHS Video

    As a family court judge, Natalie Britain (Gloria Reuben) routinely makes decisions involving hundreds of children and their families. Yet she harbors a secret involving her own unacknowledged child. Natalie thought her son was put up for adoption at birth 12 years ago. But her estranged father, John (Ving Rhames), has been raising Little John (Robert Bailey, Jr.) on his Texas farm. Now, with John in failing health, Little John suddenly re-enters Natalie's well-ordered life in this story of family and forgiveness…

    Stars: Ving Rhames, Gloria Reuben, Patty Duke, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Adilah Barnes, Robert Bailey, Jr.

    The Locket (46th In Collection) - VHS Video #HFV1400
    The Locket (46th In Collection) - VHS Video

    Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave stars as Esther, a wise woman who teaches a troubled young man the power of love. From her, Michael Keddington (Chad Willett) learns important lessons about faith and forgiveness. Her gift to him of a locket – symbolic of one person's missed opportunities – comes to represent Michael's second chance.

    Stars: Vanessa Redgrave, Mary McDonnell, Chad Willett, Marguerite Moreau

    Hallmark Entertaintment - Alice In Wonderland VHS Video #VHS91022
    Hallmark Entertaintment - Alice In Wonderland VHS Video

    Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's masterpiece of fantasy, radiates with a star-studded cast, overflowing charm and dazzling effects! The adventure begins as Alice slips down a rabbit hole and tumbles into Wonderland - a dream land where the official language is Jabberwocky and the official sense is nonsense!

    Stars: Tina Majorino, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Ustinov, Martin Short, and Gene Wilder

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