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The 2000 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments have just arrived. Visit our store to see over 200 new designs!



Alphabetical List of 2000 Hallmark Ornaments

101 Dalmatians QXI5231
A Class Act QX8074
A Pony for Christmas #3 QX6624
A Reader to the Core QX6974
A Visit from St. Nicholas (porcelain collector's plate; display stand included) QX8344
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat QXD4011
All American Trucks #6: 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Express Truck QX6581
All Things Beautiful (book opens, pages turn) QX8351
Angel of Promise QXI4144
Angel-Blessed Tree QX8241
Angelic Trio QX8234
Angels Over Bethlehem (light shines from the star above the stable) QLX7563
Antique Tractors #4 QXM5994
Arnold Palmer QXI4324
At the Ballpark #5: Mark McGwire QXI5361
Baby's First Christmas QX8034
Baby's First Christmas - Child's Age Collection QX6914
Baby's First Christmas - photo holder QX8031
Baby's First Christmas - silver cup QX8041
Baby's Second Christmas - Child's Age Collection QX6921
Bambi: The Newborn Prince QXD4194
Barbie #1 QXI6821
Barbie #7: Commuter Set QX6814
Barbie: 1962 Barbie Hatbox Doll Case QX6791
Barbie: Angel of Joy QXI6861
Barbie: Harley-Davidson Barbie QXI8554
Barbie: Silken Flame Barbie and Travel Case QXM6031
Barbie: Winter Fun with Barbie and Kelly QXI6561
Blue Glass Angel (glass) QX8381
Blues Clues: Surprise Package QXI8391
Bringing Her Gift QX8334
Busy Bee Shopper QX6964
Candelight Services #3: Adobe Church QLX7334
Caroler's Best Friend QX8354
Catwoman QXM6021
Celebrate His Birth QX2464
Celestial Bunny (porcelain bell) QXM6641
Child's Fifth Christmas QX6934
Child's Fourth Christmas QX6931
Child's Third Christmas QX6924
Christmas Bells #6 QXM5964
Christmas Tree Surprise (porcelain; egg opens and closes) QX8321
Cinderella: Dressing Cinderella QXD4109
Classic American Cars #10: 1969 Pontiac GTO - The Judge QX6584
Close-Knit Friends QX8204
Cool Character (pressed tin) QX8271
Cool Decade #1 QX6764
Crayola Crayon: Backpack Bear (Blown Glass Ornament) QBG4071
Crayola Crayon: King of the Ring QX6864
Dad QX8071
Dancin' In Christmas QX6971
Daughter QX8081
Devoted Donkey QXM6044
Dog Dish Dilemma QXD4044
Dousin' Dalmatian QX8024
Dr Seuss: Gifts for the Grinch QXI5344
Dr. Seuss Books #2: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish QX6781
Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham (set of 3 miniature ornaments) QXM6034
Fashion Afoot #1 QX8341
Favorite Bible Stories #2: Jonah and the Great Fish QX6701
Feliz Navidad QX8214
Football Legends #6: John Elway QXI6811
Friendly Greeting QX8174
Friends in Harmony QX8001
Frosty Friends #21 QX6601
Frosty Friends (blown glass; set of 2 ornaments; inspired by the 1984 edition of the Frosty Friends series) QBG4094
Frosty Friends: Premiere Exclusive QX8524
G.I. Joe Action Pilot QX6734
Gift Bearers #2 QX6651
Gingerbread Church QX8244
Godchild QX8161
Gold-Star Teacher QX6951
Golfer Supreme QX6991
Gone with the Wind: Rhett Butler QX6674
Graceful Glory QX8304
Granddaughter QX8091
Grandma's House QX8141
Grandson QX8094
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Milestones #2: Fat Boy QXI6774
Harley-Davidson: Big Twin Evolution Engine QXI7571
Here Comes Santa #22: Sleigh X-2000 QX6824
Hockey Greats #4: Eric Lindros QXI6801
Holiday Flurries #2 QXM5311
Holiday Traditions #3: Christmas Rose (Blown Glass) QBG4054
Holly Berry Bell (porcelain; dated ribbon) QX8291
Hoop Stars #6: Karl Malone QXI6901
Hooray for the USA QX8281
Hopalong Cassidy Lunchbox Set QX6714
Hot Wheels 1968 Deora QXI6891
I Love Lucy: Lucy is Enciente QX6884
Ice Block Buddies #1 QXM6011
Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie QXI8564
Joyful Santa #2 QX6784
Kiddie Car Classics #7: 1924 Toledo Fire Engine No. 6 QX6691
Kiddie Car Classics: 1955 Murray Dump Truck (Blown Glass) QBG4081
Kris "Cross-Country" Kringle QX6954
Kristi Yamaguchi QXI6854
Lighthouse Greetings #4 QLX7344
Lionel 100th Anniversary: 700 E J-1E Hudson Steam Locomotive QXI5261
Lionel 4501 Southern Mikado Steam Locomotive (Blown Glass) QBG4074
Lionel 746 Norfolk and Western #2: Horse Car and Milk Car QXM5971
Lionel General Steam Locomotive: The Tender QX6834
Lionel Train #5: Lionel General Steam Locomotive QX6684
Loggin' On To Santa QX8224
Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd QXM5934
Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny and Gossmer QX6574
Loyal Elephant QXM6041
Madame Alexander #5: Christmas Holly QX6611
Madame Alexander Holiday Angels #3: Twilight Angel QX6614
Majestic Wilderness #4: Foxes in the Forest QX6794
Mary's Angels #13: Marguerite QX6571
Mary's Angels (light glows in the clouds and lantern) QLX7561
Maxine: Self-Portrait QX6644
Memories of Christmas (pressed tin) QX8264
Merry Ballooning (pressed tin; flag and propeller turn) QX8384
Mickey and Minnie Mouse (set of two miniature ornaments) QXD4041
Mickey's Bedtime Reading QXD4077
Mickey's Holiday Parade #4: Baton Twirler Daisy QXD4034
Mickey's Sky Rider QXD4159
Millennium Express (trains go forward or in reverse; lights in buildings and trains glow; whistle and horn blow.) QLX7364
Millennium Time Capsule QX8044
Miniature Clothespin Soldier #6: Sailor QXM5334
Miniature Harley-Davidson Motorcycles #2: 1962 Duo-Glide QXI6001
Miniature Kiddie Car Classics #6: 1968 Murray Jolly Roger Flagship QXM5944
Miniature Kiddie Car Luxury Edition #3: 1935 Steelcraft by Murray QXM5951
Mischievous Kittens #2 QX6641
Mom QX8064
Mom and Dad QX8061
Monopoly #1: Sack of Money (pewter) QXM5341
Monopoly: Mr Monopoly QX8101
Mother and Daughter QX8154
Mr. Potato Head QXM6014
Mrs. Claus's Holiday QX8011
Nascar: Dale Earnhardt QXI6754
Nature's Sketchbook: Snowy Garden QX8284
New Home QX8171
New Millennium Baby QX8581
NFL Collection: Denver Broncos QSR5111
Noah's Ark Collection: Kindly Lions QXM5314
North Pole Network QX6994
Northern Art Bear QX8294
Nostalgic Houses and Shops #17: Schoolhouse QX6591
Nutcracker Ballet #5: Sugarplum Fairy QXM5984
Nutcracker Guild #7 QXM5991
Our Christmas Together QX8054
Our Family - photo holder QX8211
Our First Christmas Together QX3104
Our First Christmas Together QX8701
Our First Christmas Together - photo holder QX8051
Our Lady of Guadalupe (pressed tin) QX8231
Peanuts: Charlie Brown QRP4191
Peanuts: Linus QRP4204
Peanuts: Lucy QRP4174
Peanuts: Snoopy QRP4184
Peanuts: Woodstock on Doughouse QRP4211
Peter Pan: Off to Neverland QXD4004
Precious Penguin (crystal and pewter) QXM6104
Puppy Love #10 QX6554
Robot Parade #1 QX6771
Romantic Vacations #3: Donald and Daisy at Lovers' Lodge QXD4031
Safe in Noah's Ark QX8514
Santa's Chair QX8314
Santa's Journey Begins QXM6004
Scarlett O'Hara #4 QX6671
Scooby-Doo QXI8394
Scuffy the Tugboat QX6871
Seaside Scenes #2 QXM5974
Sister to Sister QX8144
Sky's the Limit #4: Spirit of St. Louis QX6634
Snow Buddies #3 QX6654
Snow Girl QX8274
Son QX8084
Spotlight on Snoopy #3: The Detective QX6564
Star Fairy QXM6101
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Lieutenant Commander Worf (Blown Glass) QBG4064
Star Trek Voyager: Borg Cube QLX7354
Star Trek Voyager: Seven of Nine QX6844
Star Wars: Darth Maul QXI6885
Star Wars: Gungan Submarine QXI7351
Star Wars: Imperial Stormtrooper QXI6711
Star Wars: Jedi Council Members: Saesee Tiin, Yoda, and Ki-Adi-Mundi QXI6744
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi QXI6704
Star Wars: Qui-Gon Jinn QXI6741
Stroll Round the Pole QX8164
Super Friends Lunchbox Set QX6724
Teddy-Bear Style #4 QXM5954
Tending Her Topiary QX8004
The Beatles: The Yellow Submarine QXI6841
The Blessed Family (porcelain; lighted) QLX7564
The Christmas Belle (porcelain) QX8311
The Fishing Hole QX6984
The Good Book QX8254
The Lone Ranger QX6941
The Navitivity #3 (pewter) QXM5961
The Old West #3: Mountain Man QX6594
The Snowmen of Mitford: Max QX8584
The Three Stooges: Larry, Moe and Curly QX6851
Thimble Soldier (blown glass; inspired by "A Christmas Salute" 1979 edition of the Thimbles series) QBG4061
Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light: A Holiday Gathering (porcelain) QX8561
Time for Joy (St. Nicolas pops out of his nook while a toy soldier, teddy bear, and ballerina rotate beneath. Pendulum swings to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".) QX6904
Together We Serve QX8021
Tonka Dump Truck QX6681
Town and Country #2: Bait Shop with Boat QX6631
Toy Shop Serenade QX8301
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear QXI5234
Toymaker Santa #1 QX6751
Tree Guy QX6961
Unforgettable Villians #3: Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent QXD4001
Veggie Tales: Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber QXI4334
Victorian Angel (miniature tree topper) QXM4293
Warm Kindness QX8014
Warmed by Candleglow QX2471
Welcoming Angel QXM5321
Winnie the Pooh #3: A Blustery Day QXD4021
Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin Too #2: Story Time With Pooh QXD4024
Winnie the Pooh: Piglet's Jack-in-the-Box QXD4187
Winnie the Pooh: Pooh Chooses the Tree QXD4157
Winnie the Pooh: Tigger-ific Tidings to Pooh (miniature ornament) QXD4014
Winter Fun With Snoopy #3 QXM5324
Winterberry Santa QXI4331
Wizard of Oz: The Great Oz (Clouds glow while Wizard speaks; red lights in flames blink.) QLX7361
Wizard of Oz: The Lullabye League QX6604
Wonders of Oz #2: The Tin Man's Heart QXM5981
Yule Tide Runner QX6981

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